TRW Rhinestud Brush

TRW Rhinestud Brush

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Cut Production time in half with TRW Rhinestud Brush!

  • The TRW Rhinestud Brush allows for placing studs to be easier and a faster way to create designs.

In This Video, Matt Demonstrates Using the Rhinestud Brush:

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SuperTite Fusion Tack Glue is a washable, non-toxic, permanent, industrial adhesive intended for use with fabrics, synthetic materials, and embellishment projects. SuperTite Fusion Tack Glue goes on white and dries clear. It may be used on vertical applications. One tube contains 20 grams (.61 fluid ounces) of adhesive. Use this adhesive to bond Flatback-Diamond-Cut-Rhinestones or Flatback-Diamond-Cut-Rhinestuds onto your next project. SuperTite Fusion Tack Glue will not dry out in the tube after multiple uses. This washable glue passes a 50 wash laundry test. Allow 5 days to cure before washing. To machine wash, turn the garment inside-out and place in a delicate cycle. Know which SuperTite glue is right for you: SuperTite Fusion Tack = washable glue intended for use with fabrics, synthetic materials, and embellishment projects. Can be used on vertical projects. SuperTite Multi Grab 360 = water resistant glue ideal for metal, glass, ceramic, stone, plastics (flexible and rigid), wood, paper, crystals and fabrics. SuperTite Universal Eco Glue = is NOT waterproof, non-washable and is not recommended for use on vertical projects, due to its longer dry time. This glue is ideal for cardboard, embellishments, beads, wood, unpolished metal, cork and ceramic.
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Make your designs shine with our high quality Hot-Fix Rhinestuds! Hotfix Rhinestuds are also known as Octagons and are a low-cost alternative to glass Diamond-Cut-Hot-Fix-Rhinestones or Korean-Hot-Fix-Rhinestones. There are approximately 1440 stones per bag (10 gross).Unlike Hotfix-Rhinestones, Hotfix Rhinestuds are made from a solid lightweight thin metal with a metallic-like finish. Hotfix Rhinestuds are coated with their desired color or finish and do not refract light in the same shimmering way that Diamond-Cut-Hotfix-Rhinestones and Korean-Hotfix-Rhinestones do. A Rhinestuds sparkle comes from the paint applied to them when manufactured. Hot-Fix Rhinestuds are made with a glue covered disk on the back of the Rhinestud. This special Hot-Fix adhesive adheres the Rhinestud to fabric, or other specialty heat transfer materials once heat is applied. Hot-Fix Rhinestuds are applied using a heat press or household iron. Always check the user manual and safety recommendations for your heat press before use. Larger Hot-fix Rhinestuds require slightly higher temperatures than smaller Hot-Fix Rhinestuds. We suggest using a heat setting of 325 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 seconds when using ss6 Hot-Fix Rhinestuds. Hot-Fix Rhinestuds are ideal making custom apparel and can also be used in conjunction with Heat-Transfer-Vinyl-Materials or Decal-Materials to create Rhinestud decals for, laptops, tumbler cups, and more. A Rhinestuds color may fade under harsh light conditions and are not ideal for outdoor use. When working with Hot-fix Rhinestuds, you can create your own custom-template using our wide variety of How to Tutorial Videos, Rhinestone-Designs and Template-Materials. When cutting a template using a rhinestone-design or download file for Rhinestuds, you must make sure the circle sizes are set to 0.1” inches for ss6 sized Hot-Fix Rhinestuds to ensure the studs will brush cleanly into the template. Each color of Hot-Fix Rhinestuds is sold as a single 10 gross bag of the color you selected. To order multiple colors, add each color to your cart separately. Quantity discounts automatically apply when you order 2 or more bags Hot-Fix ss6 Rhinestuds. The more you buy the more you save!
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