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Can I Convert a JPG/PNG Image to a Vector in Order to Create a Rhinestone Design?


  1. Yes, you can convert JPG/PNG images over to vector designs
  2. Begin by copying and pasting the image onto your CorelDRAW workspace
  3. Selecting your image will prompt the “Trace Bitmap” feature on the top toolbar
  4. After clicking this button you will select “Outline Trace” and “Clipart"
  5. Once you’ve done these steps a screen will appear that converts the image to a vector
  6. The trace quality will be of lesser quality the more detailed the design
  7. Once the image is converted, simply click “Ok” and start placing stones with the TRW Design Wizard®

Can I make the Full Rhinestone and Glitter Tumblers using HTV Anything?

1/15/2021 by Bri
You can create a full rhinestone and glitter wrap using ColorSpark HTV Anything! To do this, you first need to heat press HTV to ColorSpark HTV Anything with the shiny side facing up. You can then press the rhinestones to the HTV and trim off excess material once the wrap has cooled. Peel the carrier off the back and the wrap is ready to be applied directly to the tumbler!

Can I press all heat transfer vinyl to HTV Anything?

1/15/2021 by Bri
All Heat Transfer Vinyl  that we carry can be pressed to HTV Anything. This includes Siser and ColorSpark HTV varieties! Make sure to cold-peel thinner materials.

Can I press hot-fix rhinestones directly to HTV Anything?

1/15/2021 by Bri
No. HTV Anything can only adhere to HTV directly and won't work with rhinestones. You will have to use Bling Anything if you want to create a decal without an HTV layer in  between!

Can I Resize A Rhinestone Design?

  1. You can, but it is a little more than just wanting it to be a specific size: rhinestone designs have to be a specific size, based on the size of stones you are using
  2. A design that measures 10x10 with SS 10 stones can not be shrunken down without lots of deleting and moving of the rhinestones, because the rhinestone holes in the design will need to remain a constant .130"
  3. If those hole sizes are altered, then you will not get a good cut on the Magic Flock, and, therefore, will not be able to brush your stones in

Can I use Adobe or Silhouette Studio to Operate the TRW Design Wizard?

  1. No. The TRW Design Wizard® is only compatible with the Full Graphics Suite of Corel X7, X8, 2017, 2018, or the Windows version of 2019

Complete List of CorelDRAW Shortcuts


CorelDRAW Keeps Crashing on me. What can I do to fix This Problem?


  1. The best way to fix a glitch in CorelDRAW is by modifying CorelDRAW, which will re-write and repair the program, including any macros that have been installed
  2. Modify CorelDRAW by going to your computer’s Control Panel and select “Uninstall a Program” in the Programs and Features tab
  3. From this list, you will need to find your version of CorelDRAW and select "uninstall/change"
  4. Choose the option “Modify Corel"
  5. Keep all of the default settings and click the “next” button until the modification process is complete
  6. If the problems persist, check the computer’s available RAM and make sure it can operate CorelDRAW.choice
  7. This will take you to the modify screen and allow you to amend the program
  8. After modifying, be sure to re-run the TRW Design Wizard ® to make sure the macro has been properly installed

Cutting Specs and Recommended cut Settings

Recommended Settings for Silhouette and Cricut Cutters:
For GCC, Roland, and Graphtec cutters, check out these Recommended Cut Settings.

Font Sizing Guide

  • View the TRW Rhinestone Font Sizing Guide Looking for the size you need to set a rhinestone font for a specific stone size? This guide will show the the point size all your rhinestone fonts need to be in order to cut properly

How Do I Activate my TRW Design Wizard?


  1. After you get the Wizard toolbar installed into your CorelDRAW, you may be met with a popup telling you that the version is un-activated
  2. In order to activate your new TRW Design Wizard®, click on activate and enter your full name as shown on your account as well as the email on your account and the order number (Ex: AB-123456)
  3. Once all of this in entered, you should be able to click get serial number online and a serial number will be created for you. Once this is created you can click activate.
  4. Should you have problems with this, please submit your information, to this link: https://www.therhinestoneworld.com/activate

How do I Adjust Rhinestone Sizes in Silhouette Designer Edition?

  1. If you are creating your own rhinestone design, all you will need to do is open your rhinestone options and select the sizes on the right hand side, and then start creating the design
  2. If you are working with a text, you will need to type with the point sizes that TRW has provided in the purchased font photo
  3. If this is a design that TRW has created, you will need to stretch or shrink your design based upon the sizes that you would like
  4. You will then need to ungroup your design and release rhinestone paths so that you can select a single stone and make sure that it is the size that each respective stone size needs to be

How do I Curve my Text in CorelDRAW?

  1. Type the text you wish to arch/curve
  2. Create your path by utilizing the Basic Tools in CorelDraw (Ellipse, Rectangle, Tracing Tools, etc)
  3. Click on the “Text” tab on the menu bar
  4. Within the dropdown choose “Add Text to Curve” while the text is selected
  5. Drag the text to the path you just created

How do I fix the TRW Design Wizard Vinyl Colors Being cut off or the Bottom of the TRW Design Wizard Being cut off?


  1. Rright click on the magnifying glass in the Wizard
  2. Increase the closed 1, closed 2, open 1, and open 2 numbers in increments of 10 and then click update
  3. In order to see the changes, you will need to change vinyl libraries and then change it back

How do I get rid of the Blue Outline From a Stoneless Island Fill?


  1. At the top of the color palette there is an “X” that represents no color or no fill
  2. If you Right-click the “X” it will delete the outline
  3. When Left-clicking the “X,” it will delete the fill color of the object

How do I Heat Press Rhinestones or Vinyl?


How do I Install a True Type Font (TTF) Onto my Computer?


  1. Download the TTF from your order history on the website and save it to a specific folder
  2. Next, find the font in the folder and double click or right click and choose to “install"
  3. The font is now installed onto the computer and ready to use
  4. If installed while the TRW Design Wizard®/Silhouette is open, close and reopen the program to access the font
  5. If this does not work, you will have to find your fonts folder through a search in your computer and drag the font from your downloads folder to the font folder in your computer

How do I Install Silhouette Studio?


  1. To get the most up to date version of the software, please visit: Silhouette's Website

How do I Install the Silhouette Designer Edition or Business Edition Upgrade?


  1. After purchasing you will receive an upgrade code from either TRW or Silhouette
  2. In Silhouette Studio, open the “Help” tab and in the dropdown find the “Upgrade Silhouette Software” option
  3. A pop up prompt will ask for the register license and personal email account information
  4. Note: You must be logged onto a personal Silhouette account and not your TRW account

How Do I Install the TRW Design Wizard?


  1. Once you purchase the TRW Design Wizard® from the TRW Store, the download file will appear in your order history in your TRW Account
  2. Once you navigate to the order in which you purchased the Wizard, download the PDF file and then follow the link inside it and select direct download from dropbox
  3. Double click the .exe file and the TRW Design Wizard® will begin installing
  4. Accept the Terms and conditions on the following installation screen
  5. A dialog box will appear with Installation options for the TRW Design Wizard®. Be sure to check the box to the left of the TRW Design Wizard® v5. Click "Install."
  6. After going through this setup you will need to refer to the next question below in order to get the icon in your CorelDRAW
  7. Click here for a helpful video, that will go through this process step by step: Wizard Install

How Do I Install the TRW Icon/Toolbar in my CorelDRAW?


  1. This video will show you how to import the TRW Toolbar into CorelDRAW
  2. Right click the toolbar area in CorelDRAW, and then select Customize > Workspace > Import
  3. Navigate to your documents folder and look for the TRWDesignWizard folder
  4. Look for the toolbars folder, then select the toolbar that corresponds with the version of CorelDRAW you are using

How Many Rhinestones are in a Gross?

  • 144 stones per gross, so a 10-gross order is 1,440 stones

I Can't see my Live Template File Thumbnails. How do I fix This?


  1. Make sure to change the appearance of files into an icon view
  2. Close CorelDRAW and go to the control panel
  3. Select programs and features, then select uninstall a program
  4. From this list, you will need to find your version of CorelDRAW and select "uninstall/change"
  5. This should now open a CorelDRAW menu giving you the options of Modify, repair, or uninstall
  6. Click modify
  7. On the next page, under the utilities, select Windows Shell Extension
  8. Click Next until the program modifies itself
  9. Go back to the live template editor and change your view to the icon mode and you should see the icons

I'm new to the Silhouette CAMEO and Silhouette Studio Software, Where do I Start?


Siser Vinyl Material Reference Chart


What ColorSpark Vinyls Have a Protective Liner?


What do I do if my Design Isn’t Showing up on the Mock up?

  1. This is a common problem if you are not using the color palette found in the TRW Design Wizard® toolbar
  2. It also can occur if you are using a specialty vinyl
  3. When creating mock ups, it is best to use a basic color from the TRW palette on your design
  4. Remember that you can change the color once the mock up is created

What do I do, if my Order was Wrong or I Need to Return Something


What Does it Mean to add/edit Nodes?

  1. When double clicking on a design or while using the Shape Tool, you will notice that several blue and orange dots will appear
  2. These are called nodes
  3. The nodes sole function is to guide your lines, whether they are curved or straight
  4. When editing nodes by either moving, deleting, or adding them, you will also change the direction of the lines the nodes are guiding

What Fabrics can I Press to?

  • View the TRW Fabrics Guide This guide will show you what materials are suitable to be pressed onto the different fabrics and garments

What if I Have Video Suggestions for Matt and the Crew?

  • You can visit Here and fill out the form

What is the Most Commonly Used Rhinestone Size in Designing?

  • SS10’s are the predominant choice

When Creating Custom Apparel, What Vinyl can be Heat Pressed with Which Fabric?


When Opening the TRW Magic Separator for Color Separation, Several Templates Appear. Many of Them Have Tiny Portions of my Current Design Within Them

  1. This usually occurs when colors you have chosen to be similar have not been resized
  2. It can also occur when colors you wish to be similar have not been combined within the design
  3. This can be solved by either editing or welding your vector design by using the “Combine” tool within the TRW toolbar
  4. For rhinestones, simply make sure that they are the correct stones in the desired design by hitting the “Resize” button

Which Side of the Vinyl do I cut?

  1. When using heat transfer vinyl (HTV) cut the backside (dull/matte side) of the vinyl
  2. This means that you will need to mirror the image before cutting
  3. For FDC Decal Vinyl, you will be cutting the front of the vinyl (non-paper side), so be sure to leave your desired image as is (not mirrored) when sending it to the cutter

Which Versions of CorelDRAW are Compatible With the TRW Design Wizard 5.0?

  1. CorelDRAW Full Graphics Suite (not the student or technical editions) versions X7, X8, 2017, 2018, and the Windows version of 2019 are all compatible with the TRW Design Wizard®
  2. Support for a Mac version is pending on further development of the Mac version

Why Can’t I Send my Design to the Cutter Using the TRW Design Wizard?

  1. Make sure all of your cutting software is up-to-date
  2. If that doesn’t work, reinstall the cutting software
  3. If there is a security software on the computer, be sure to disable it as well
  4. If the plug-in is out of date or unavailable, you will have to export the file as an .EPS file unless you are using Silhouette Designer Edition, which you will need to export as an .SVG file
  5. Once it is saved in one of these formats you will be able to import the file in the cutting software

Why Isn’t my Vinyl Staying Intact on Another Layer? What Types of Vinyl can be Layered?

  1. This depends on which type of vinyl you are pressing
  2. The only vinyl that can be used as the bottom layer are EasyWeed, Stretch, Electric, and Strip Flock
  3. All of FDC’s sign and wall vinyl can be layered
  4. Chemica’s HTV can all be layered, too
  5. Vinyl types such as Siser Metal, Glitter, Holographic, and Chemica Textured Fashion vinyl cannot be layered
  6. These types of vinyl must be directly pressed to the garment or layered on top of an acceptable bottom layer vinyl mentioned above

Why Won’t my TRW Design Wizard Open When I Click on the Icon?


  1. The best way to fix a grayed-out TRW Design Wizard® icon is by modifying CorelDRAW, which will re-write and repair the program, including any macros that have been installed
  2. Modify CorelDRAW by going to your computer’s Control Panel and select “Uninstall a Program” in the Programs and Features tab
  3. From this list, you will need to find your version of CorelDRAW and select "uninstall/change"
  4. This will take you to the modify screen and allow you to amend the program
  5. After modifying, be sure to re-run the TRW Design Wizard ® to make sure the macro has been properly installed
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