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HTV Anything Material

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ColorSpark HTV Anything Decal Material is a game changer for sticker lovers! Easily turn Heat Transfer Vinyl designs into peel and stick decals for customers or personal use. ColorSpark HTV Anything is an exclusive, specialty material that turns regular heat transfer vinyl into microwave safe and dishwasher safe sticker decals. This specialty material can be cut with scissors or contour cut with a Craft-Cutter before the HTV is adhered to the HTV Anything material using a Heat-Press, easy-press or iron. Finished decals can be applied to smooth, flat, hard surfaces such as cars, cups and electronics. ColorSpark HTV Anything Decal Material is sold as a a 12” inch wide x 5 foot long roll.

  • Click Here for Step-By-Step Instructions on How To Use HTV Anything
  • Download HTV Anything Instruction Card PDF
  • Colorspark Recommended Cut Settings
  • Basic Instructions:
    1. Create, cut and weed your design out of Heat Transfer Vinyl using a craft cutter.
    2. Using scissors, cut a piece of HTV Anything slightly larger than your design.
    3. Place the HTV design face up onto the shiny side of the HTV Anything material.
    4. Press at 315 degrees F for 15 seconds.
    5. When done pressing, peel the top carrier sheet from the Heat Transfer Vinyl. Trim off excess if desired.
    6. When ready to use design, peel backing off the HTV Anything and stick to a hard, flat surface.
    7. For multiple layers,press the first layer at 315 degrees F for 3-4 seconds and the second layer at 315 degrees F for 8-10 seconds.

ColorSpark HTV Anything applies to hard, smooth, flat surfaces.

All Heat Transfer Vinyl that we carry can be pressed to HTV Anything. This includes Siser and ColorSpark HTV varieties! Make sure to cold-peel thinner materials.

You can create a full rhinestone and glitter wrap using ColorSpark HTV Anything! To do this, you first need to heat press HTV to ColorSpark HTV Anything with the shiny side facing up. You can then press the rhinestones to the HTV and trim off excess material once the wrap has cooled. Peel the carrier off the back and the wrap is ready to be applied directly to the tumbler!

No. HTV Anything can only adhere to HTV directly and won't work with rhinestones. You will have to use Bling Anything if you want to create a decal without an HTV layer in between!

Please note these are recommended cut settings; we strongly suggest always making a test cut to ensure these cut settings work for you and your cutter. Setting can vary based on blade life, equipment, and material.

Click Here for All Colorspark Recommended Cut Settings

Silhouette Cameo 3, Cameo 4, and Cameo 4 Pro:

  • Blade depth: 3
  • Force: 20
  • Speed: 10
  • Passes: 1
  • Cricut Maker: 272
  • Cricut Explore: Light Cardstock

  • Pressing Temperature: 300 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Pressing Time (one color): ~6-8 seconds
  • Pressing Time (multiple color): Initial colors ~2-3 seconds; final color ~6-8 seconds
  • Always press to the SHINY side.
  • Make sure the carrier sheet of your htv is smaller than your piece of HTV Anything. The sticky carrier can pull up the edges of your HTV Anything and ruin your decal.
  • For HTV Anything, you can either add a Contour (Do Not Mirror!) to your design in your software and cut the Contour with your vinyl cutter before pressing HTV to it. OR if you'd rather trim with scissors, you can press htv to the HTV Anything and trim the excess HTV Anything after it's pressed. Again, make sure your htv carrier sheet is not near the edges of your HTV Anything--you can trim your htv carrier sheet close to your design before pressing.
  • HTV Anything does not get mirrored when you cut it with your vinyl cutter.
  • The adhesive is on the back of the material and you are pressing to the shiny side, which melts a bit to help adhere your htv to this decal material. Sometimes, it may help to think of the HTV Anything as you would a shirt you're decorating with HTV. Just place the HTV Anything Shiny Side UP, align your HTV to it, cover with Teflon and press. If you are doing a single color decal, press 6-8 seconds at 300 degrees F. If you are layering htv, press the first layers 2-3 seconds, peel the htv carrier sheet, align the next layer and re-cover with Teflon and press. Final layer gets the full 6-8 dwell time. If you are layering hotfix Rhinestones on top of HTV, after the 6-8 second final press of htv, align your Rhinestones to the htv, again, making sure the sticky Acrylic Hotfix Tape is not touching the edges of your HTV Anything, and press 15 seconds at 315-320 degrees. HTV Anything and the Teflon sheet tend to hold heat and we recommend letting the transfer cool a bit before removing the Acrylic Hotfix Transfer tape, just to allow the rhinestone adhesive to cool a bit and fully adhere to the htv underneath.
  • Use a smooth Teflon sheet when creating decals using HTV Anything: HTV Anything can melt to your heated platen, Easypress or iron, so the Teflon sheet is important. If you use a textured Teflon sheet, the texture will show up in your clear HTV Anything decal material.
  • Our first run of HTV Anything had a protective cover sheet on it that needed to be removed prior to pressing or cutting. We found issues with the cover sheet and have had all other batches made without the cover sheet.
  • Please remember, using HTV Anything allows you to 'break' some of the traditional rules of decorating that you would normally use for apparel. You can layer glitter on glitter and even hotfix rhinestones on glitter htv ONLY when using our HTV Anything (or Bling Anything) decal materials. You cannot layer these items for decorating apparel.

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